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The pride of Krasiczyn castle is its historic park.

In its oldest parts, the park dates back to the 17th century, but its current style (English Landscape Garden) was introduced by Sapieha family.

Among its most picturesque elements are two beautiful ponds. The bigger Upper Pond with a small island is located in the southern part of the park. Lower Pond is almost next to the castle. Alleys running through the whole park and intersecting each other are full of rare species of trees, shrubs and flowers. Both old trees and younger plantations are perfectly integrated into the natural landscape of the park, impressive at any time of the year. In winter, the trees and shrubs covered with hoar-frost create a magical atmosphere. In the spring, when nature comes to life, the park delights visitors with its greenery. During the summer, the trees provide a natural and full of fragrance shelter from the sun. In autumn, the trees create a unique palette of colours shimmering in the sun, bringing to mind an impressionist painting.

Among other species, the park is adorned with a colourful group of Eurasian smoke trees, as well as an American tulip tree and Kobushi Magnolia - breath-taking during the flowering period.

Nearby the renaissance castle grows a London plane and a beautiful specimen of ginkgo biloba. According to a local tradition, the aged ginkgo is blessed with magical properties – if one walks around it three times, their wish will come true.

Particularly noteworthy are the family trees - oaks and lindens planted by princes Sapieha to celebrate births of their children (sons and daughters).

The park is also a home for various species of birds. Their singing makes long walks through the park even more enjoyable.