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Recommended attractions

Night-time meeting with the Butler and the White Lady 
  • time duration - 30 min
  • adults only
  • price: from 600 PLN

The meeting begins in the castle courtyard where the guests gathered around the fire can learn about the history of the Krasiczyn castle and the tragic fate of the White Lady. Afterwards, the guests may be lead into a dark dungeon of the castle to see the torture chamber.

Sword-fighting shows

Valiant knights sword-fighting in the halls of the castle or in the castle's courtyard.

Sword-fighting lessons.

Trips to Przemyśl

Przemyśl is onethe oldest and most fascinating towns in Poland. Numerous monuments, especially of sacral architecture, as well as the town's long tradition of multiculture, considerably contribute to its magnificence and beauty. Often called the capital of Polish bellfounding and pipe making. Among many interesting museums Przemyśl has a special exhibition located in the Baroque Clock Tower which is dedicated solely to bells and pipes.

More information: http://visit.przemysl.pl/en

Narrow-gauge railway from Przeworsk to Dynów

Its history dates back to the beginnings of 20th century when the whole system began to work. Presently, it leads through the only tunnel of narrow-gauge railway in Poland (602 metres long).

More information: http://www.pogorzanin.pl/

Trips to Lviv

Lviv is a former capital of the historical region of Galicia. It is located approximately 70 km from the Polish border. From the 15th century the city acted as a major Polish and later also as a Jewish cultural centre, with Poles and Jews comprising a demographic majority of the city until the outbreak of World War II. The other ethnic groups living within the city were Germans, Ruthenians (Ukrainians) and Armenians. Lviv is now regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine. The historical heart of the city with its old buildings and cobblestone streets has survived Soviet and Nazi occupation during World War II largely unscathed.