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Wedding offer


Offer includes:

Traditional Polish welcome for the newlyweds

Krasiczyn album and a commemorative diploma

Bridal Suite in the Castle


Appetizers - one to choose from:

Duck terrine with cranberry jelly
Strudel with salmon in honey-mustard sauce
Lettuce mix with black forest ham in vinaigrette sauce
Zander with lemon sauce
Sole rolls with orange mousse

Soups - one to choose from:

Dworska soup
Chicken soup with noodles
Chicken-beef broth with herb noodles
Porcini cream with toast
Tomato soup with bacon

Main courses - one to choose from:

Pork tenderloin stuffed with chanterelles, served in gravy
Beef roulade stuffed with bacon and porcini in hunter's sauce
Pork loin stuffed with venison, served on a sauce of forest fruits
Pork tenderloin in Subcarpathian marinade nad gravy-wine sauce
Turkey stuffed with veal and Roquefort cheese
Traditional roast loin in gravy

Extras - one to choose from:

Mashed potatoes
Baked potatoes
Potatoes stuffed with smoked bacon
Potatoes stuffed with cheese

Raw salads - three to choose from:

Carrot and peach salad
Celery salad with apples and almonds
Nappa cabbage salad
Red cabbage salad with dried fruit
Carrot salad with raisins and horseradish
Salad with tomato and cucumber
Beets caramelized in honey

Salads - three to choose from:

Champignon salad/ Vegetable salad - traditional / Salad with corn, pineapple and smoked chicken / Lettuce mix with duck fillet and dried tomatoes / Greek salad / Caprese salad / Salad with beetroot with apple and pineapple / Salad with corn, tuna and tortellini

Fish and meat appetizers - six to choose from

Smoked salmon served on lettuce with slices of lemon / Stuffed trout/ Herring with marinated portobellos and olives / Herring rollmops/ Chicken Jelly / Pork Jelly / Venison terrine with cranberry / Duck terrine / Stuffed chicken / Castle's cold cuts (ham, Kassler, pork loin, bacon) / Dramstick / Farmhouse Sausage

Supper I - one to choose from

Beef Strogonoff
Roast turkey with caramelized apple
Pork cheeks braised in cider
Beef ragout in puff pastry

Supper II - one to choose from

Turkey fillet caramelized in honey, served on grilled apple with rosemary
Pork escalopes served on chanterelles with vegetables in filo pastry
Duck roulade stuffed with meat and mushrooms, served with potato dumplings
Roast pork with plums served with potato puffs

Supper III - one to choose from

Borscht with pastry
Borscht with croquette
Old Polish sour soup served with bread
Bieszczady stew with plums

Hot and cold drinks: mineral water, juice, coffee, tea

Wedding cake to choose from:

Castle's chocolate-nut cake / Royal chocolate cake with Californian plum / Chocolate-meringue cake/ Sponge cake with fresh fruit / Amaretto cake / Laubara cake

Dessert buffet:
Castle's cheesecakes, apple-lemon cake, pistachio cake, honey dessert
bars, walnut roulade

Desserts and cakes: tiramisu, straciatella, mint mousse, passionfruit
dessert, cream rolls, muffins, mini tarts, nuts, puff pastries,

Seasonal fruit


Fish buffet:
Seafood in pineapple / Salad with smoked salmon / Shrimp in orange
sauce / Salmon pâté/ Zander in herbal shell / Stuffed pike / Halibut
marinated in vermouth / Pike marinated in cider with Thousand Island
dressing / Carp in aspic with raisins

Traditional Polish Buffet:
Hare pâté
Haunch of venison
Loin of wild boar in forest fruit
Wild duck stuffed with dried fruit
Pork leg stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms
Wild boar bacon stuffed with chanterelles
Castle's quail
Pheasant galantine
Rabbit baked in wild garlic
Lard with prunes and dried apples
Pickled cucumbers (home-made)
Country bread

Chocolate fountain with fruit

Alcohol buffet