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Former Coach House

Former Coach House, adapted to the needs of a hotel, is a charming and functional building, equipped with everything necessary to provide a comfortable stay. 

Former Coach House can accommodate 64 persons in single, double, twin and triple rooms, as well as two suites called the Princely Suite and the Quiet Nook Suite.

The rooms in the Former Coach House have a view of either the park or the hotel patio.


Hotel rooms in the Castle (5 double rooms and one Presidential Suite for four persons) are located in the northern wing. From the rooms in the Castle you can admire the magnificent Castle Courtyard (which walls are covered with a spectacular sgraffitto decoration) or a majestic park in Krasiczyn.

Swiss Pavilion

Swiss Pavilion is a wooden building dating back to 17th century and connected to the castle by a secret passage. It can accommodate 13 persons. It has two double rooms, three twin rooms, one single room and the Swiss Suite - the only one in the hotel with windows facing three sides of the world. A stay in this pavilion is a delightful and mysterious adventure. After midnight, you can meet here the ghost of the Castle - Zosieńka, who, according to an old Krasiczyn legend, was a beautiful girl, unlucky in love.

Hunter's Pavilion

Hunter's Pavilion is a hunting lodge in the corner of the park in Krasiczyn. It can provide accommodation for 5 persons. Hunter's Pavilion has truly extraordinary features: three bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, two bathrooms with Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen, private garden with a gazebo, parking and a garden fireplace. It is a perfect place for creative work or research, relaxation and socializing with friends.

Pets are allowed in Swiss and Hunter's Pavilions.

Prices include breakfast, parking and VAT.

Information & reservation

The Castle Hotel has 51 comfortable rooms and suites located in four buildings: Former Coach House, Swiss Pavilion, Hunter's Pavilion and the Castle itself.

The picturesque landscape and unique scenery of the Renaissance castle surrounded by a majestic 14-hectare park, create exceptional conditions for rest and relaxation, as well as for the organization of conferences, seminars and business meetings.